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We understand that visiting a new Dentist can be daunting for anybody but you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. Our dedicated care coordinator will discuss any specific concerns with you at the point of booking your appointment and this will all be discussed with Professor Tipton and the team before you meet. We understand the worries that new clients have about remembering every aspect of their problem and speaking with our care coordinator eliminates this concern.
Once you have arranged your appointment, we will write to you with the details of your booking and enclose a map with directions to your chosen clinic. We will also confirm your appointment via your preferred method of contact the day before and this also allows for us to go over any last minute details with you.

Upon arrival at the clinic for your appointment we will ask you to complete medical questionnaire. It is very important for us to have a full understanding of your medical history and any medication you may be taking to assist us in providing the best care for you. If we require any further medical information we will, with your permission, write to your GP.


During your examination, Professor Tipton or one of his team members will not only look at any areas of concern but he will also screen your mouth for signs of oral cancer & gum disease. Your jaw joints and the way your teeth bite together will also be evaluated to ensure there are no causes for concern. We may also take photographs of your mouth for communication and planning purposes so that you can see what we see.

X-rays: Whenever possible, if you have recently had any x-rays taken with a previous Dentist we will aim to obtain copies. Occasionally we may need to take new x-rays to allow us to check the bone levels around the teeth, in-between the teeth and underneath any restorations you may have.

Treatment Plan:

Following your consultation, Professor Tipton or one of the members of his team will gather all of the information and tailor your treatment plan to meet your specific needs. He will write to you explaining what he can identify in your mouth and if this requires any treatment. If treatment is required, he will give you an idea of all of the treatment options available and which members of his team are the most appropriate for your care inclusive of costs and length of time involved for each.

These options can then be discussed in more detail if required with Professor Tipton or our care coordinator to allow you to make a fully informed decision about your treatment.


To enable us to create a full record of your mouth during the planning phase of your treatment, we may need to take some impressions which will allow our laboratory technician to make up some models of your teeth. This assists us in planning as though we were working on your mouth without touching the teeth. This also makes it possible for us to do a wax up of your teeth if required. When creating a wax up, this allows us to show you the changes to width, length or colour before you decide to undertake any cosmetic treatment by demonstrating the changes in wax on the model of your teeth.


Photos are an essential part of treatment and diagnosis and as Professor Tipton is involved in education, these photos may be used for educational purposes. You should indicate if you do not wish this.




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