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Many patients suffer from loose dentures because of the poor quality of treatment offered by many dental technicians, Denturists and Dentists. Professor Tipton, being a specialist in Prosthodontics, is a specialist in “dentures”. He uses the BPS (Biofunctional prosthetic system) denture technique.

BPS dentures are made using a specialist system. You can be reassured that your function while eating, speaking or laughing will be significantly improved.

Accurate impressions & measurements are taken to determine the way your teeth bite together and record the character of your smile. The appropriate shade and shape of the teeth is mutually agreed and the dentures will be tried in wax before being finished. The teeth that we use to create the dentures are divided into categories designed to meet the age & characteristics of each individual.

Dentures can also be secured into the mouth using dental implants.

The images here show a patient who had old NHS dentures which rubbed and gave her an appearance as though her face had collapsed. New BPS dentures were fabricated to increase her face height (vertical dimension) and fill out the lips to give a natural smile.



Dentures are prosthetic teeth which are constructed to replace missing teeth. They are usually made from acrylic and they are supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues in the mouth




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