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Love Your Lips Again

Thinning lips are one of the lesser-known signs of ageing, but the condition can be a drain on confidence.

The cause is the appearance of rhytides in the upper lip with age, which creates a smudged appearance between the lip edge and its surrounding skin. Meanwhile, the philtrum and cupid’s bow lose definition and eventually invert the lips.

Dr Bob Khanna’s Heart Lips filler treatment uses a unique filler method to return lips to their former heart-shaped glory by augmenting the philtrum, increasing lip height and defining lip contours.

Fast Procedure

Heart Lips filler treatment is a quick and painless procedure that can be carried out in your lunch hour.


Get great results without surgery. A quick and painless injection of natural filler is all it takes to revitalise your most precious asset.

Long Lasting

You’ll see a long-lasting improvement to lip contour and shape with results visible for up to a year.

Natural Effects

No trout pout or rubber tyre effect – just natural looking luscious lips that work in perfect harmony, balance and proportion with the rest of your face

Youth and Beauty

Heart Lips is not just an anti-ageing treatment. T Clinic now sees more and more younger women who love using lip augmentation to look their best.




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