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First Step to Facial Perfection

For those considering cosmetic facial treatment, the most significant barrier is often just taking the first step. Our safe, non-invasive treatments take years off your appearance and bring your self-confidence back for good.

Quick Procedure

Azzalure is a fast procedure that takes off the years in a few minutes. Pop into T Clinic on a lunch hour, and you’ll still have time left for lunch.


No surgery, no scalpels, no stitches. A quick injection is all it takes for a more youthful look in minutes.


A tiny prick is all you’ll feel. Most patients liken Azzalure to a flu jab or other injection, with no lingering pain.

Fights Ageing Fast

Furrows, wrinkles, crows feet and other signs of ageing disappear in days.

Dermal Fillers and Lip Shaping

The loss of skin elasticity as we get older is one of the most unfortunate and noticeable signs of ageing. As well as being a major cause of wrinkles, furrows and frowns, it can add further years to the face by hollowing cheeks and thinning out lips.

Until recently, the only way to combat these giveaway signs of ageing was through expensive and invasive procedures like facial skin lifts and sculpting.

A simple, painless treatment has changed everything.

Dermal fillers act to restore the skin’s natural elasticity and banish the signs of ageing. To work their magic, dermal fillers use hyaluronic acid – a naturally occurring substance produced in the body. The acid binds the water to restore the youthful trait of facial fullness that disappears with age.

Fillers can also be used to restore lips to a fuller shape for a subtle effect that lets you shed the years instantly.

The Azzalure® Allure

Azzalure relaxes the muscles responsible for wrinkles – minimising furrows and other signs of ageing to create a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Azzalure® is an injectable neuromuscular blocking agent that’s sometimes referred to as botulinum. It works by blocking the signal path between nerve and muscle to prevent nerves from contracting. The treatment can also be applied to the underarms to fight excessive perspiration.




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